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The purpose of a help desk is usually to troubleshoot problems or provide guidance about products, and HelpDesk.Net caters on all those fronts. In simple terms HelpDesk.Net application converts all your first contact incidents into tickets that are then assigned to the appropriate technician and tracked through to completion. In addition to that the application has feature called Knowledge Base, which helps an Administrator add all the FAQs and generic topics related to products and services, which might be helpful to troubleshoot a problem without posting a ticket. Also Administrator can publish to Knowledge Base, a ticket which might be useful to other users as well. The other highlights of this system are its multi-lingual support and permission based user management system. Administrator can add as many languages as they want and corresponding pages captions and thus making on-the-fly addition for any language without any developer intervention. Thus the registered users can select the language of their preference from the available languages added by the Administrator. 


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